A Power of Attorney is an important document everyone should think of having. It allows you to appoint someone to look after your affairs if you can no longer look after them yourself. It allows someone to make the kind of decisions you would have made where you no longer can.

We take a very straight forward approach to Powers of Attorney. We charge a fixed fee for a Single Power of Attorney and allow for a discount where a couple wish to draw up Powers of Attorney.

The costs are as follows:

Cost of drawing up a single Power of Attorney
Legal fee £350.00
Scan fee £16.50
VAT £73.30
Registration with the Office of the Public Guardian £87
Estimated Total £526.80


Cost of drawing up Powers of Attorney for a couple
Legal fee £450.00
Scan fee £16.50
VAT £93.30
Registration with the Office of the Public Guardian (£87 per Power of Attorney) £174.00
Estimated Total £733.80

What’s involved in making a Power of Attorney?

  • taking your instructions,
  • providing advice as appropriate to your requirements
  • preparing a draft Power of Attorney for you to review,
  • making changes following review,
  • complete execution of Power of Attorney including signing Schedule 1 Certificate,
  • sending Registration Form to Attorneys for signing,
  • sending your Power of Attorney to the OPG for registration
  • providing you with certified copies following registration

Does this cost include everything?

The costs we’ve outlined above are the costs involved in almost all Powers of Attorney we create for clients. The fixed fee cost will not include:

  • Changes to provide for very specific or customised powers of the attorney in the Power of Attorney
  • Complex arrangements implementation of actions by different attorneys or combinations of attorneys
  • Customised instructions to attorneys contained within the Power of Attorney
  • Letters of Capacity, if necessary, which may be required from your Doctor or Psychiatrist to confirm you have sufficient mental capacity to proceed. Fees vary depending on the Doctor/Psychiatrist and level of assessment required.

In the event of such additional complexity being required, we will discuss this with you and advise you about any potential increase in costs that may be involved.

If you have any questions or would like to draw up a Power of Attorney, please get in touch.