Top Ten Tips When Moving House

By February 21, 2014October 28th, 2018News & Articles

Moving house can be extremely stressful however being prepared and planning in advance can help for a smooth journey to your new home. The following check list  provides you with some useful tips:

  1. Source quotes from removal companies and ask if they are a member of BAR – The British Association of Removers.
  2. Book the removal company as soon as possible and check what their policy is with regard to changing the date if necessary.
  3. It’s now time to start clearing out unwanted items to either sell or give to charity organisations, or dispose of items at the recycling centres in your area.
  4. Gather storage boxes, newspapers, bubble wrap to protect fragile items and start the packing process, remember it’s a good idea to label the boxes which will be easier to identify in your new home and clearly identify boxes that are fragile.  Most removal companies will sell storage products.
  5. Write a list of all the utilities you need to notify of your new address and moving date and you can set up a re-direction facility with Royal Mail.
  6. Make arrangements for a family member or friends to look after your pets, and children. Give the property a thorough clean throughout or hire a professional cleaning company as you want to leave your house in the best order for the new home owners.
  7. Gather all the guarantees, instruction manuals for all the appliances in the home and leave in the property for the owners.
  8. Have one final walk round and ensure that you have removed all your belongings.
  9. Make sure you have all sets of keys together and hand the keys into your Solicitor or Estate Agent.
  10. Good luck in your new home!


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